Stake Platforms

Morgan's HPA is Morgan's standard Class 4 to 7 GVW flatbed/utility truck body. But 60 years as the industry leader, means "standard" includes innovative design, quality construction and a wide variety of optional features to make THIS vehicle the perfect choice for landscapers, contractors, maintenance crews, or any service providers.

The HPA's steel undercarriage and bulkhead, galvanized/powder-coated or composite stakes, and Solid Hardwood floor provide the durability and strength you need to transport heavy loads…and load and unload product quickly and efficiently…again and again.


Built for durability, the HPA uses a structural steel undercarriage and bulkhead that are tough enough to withstand the work YOU do every day!


With body lengths ranging from 9 to 26 feet, options to spec flooring, racks, tie-downs, liftgate and bumper configurations; as well as a variety of winch, hoist, roller and even placard options — Morgan's standard HPA platform becomes a versatile tool…designed specifically to make your job easier.


While all of Morgan's HPA racks are easily mounted/removed to support easier loading and unloading from the sides, our black powder-coated racks and galvanized steel racks are your best choices if durability is a key requirement. If not, Morgan's composite rails weigh less and are weather resistant.a

Ease and efficiency are further enhanced by options that include a variety of bumper and liftgate configurations to meet your unique needs. The standard rear configuration of the HPA includes a 5" structural steel DOT underride with a pooched surface for more secure footing.

Durable rub-rails fit snugly into deep stake pockets to secure your load during transport; but allow easy removal for unloading.



Morgan's MHP is our heavy hauler — delivering strength and durability when you're carrying heavy loads. Block, brick, pavers and equipment are easy to transport, and easy to load and unload, using Morgan's toughest Stake & Platform body.

FOUR-inch steel I-beam cross members on 12-inch centers, SIX-inch structural steel channel longitudinals, and your choice of standard or expanded metal top bulkheads — give Morgan's MHP superior strength, durability and versatility.


The MHP's heavy-duty steel undercarriage and bulkhead provide the strength you need to handle heavy loads — up to xxxx pounds; and the durability you need to handle them day after day.


With a bed length of only 12 feet, Morgan's smallest MHP is tough, yet easy to maneuver over rough job-site terrain and through congested city streets. At over twice that length, our 28-foot bed supports bulk delivery of materials and equipment, and reduces need for multiple trips and wasted travel time.


Powder-coated and galvanized-steel racks are available on the MHP, and offer the strength and durability needed to secure materials and help protect against shifting loads. Service providers that don't require that degree of strength can benefit from the light weight and weather resistance of the MHP's composite rails.

The MHP's STANDARD floor is HEAVY-DUTY…1 5/16" SOLID HARDWOOD with 5/16" floor screws – means it harder, denser and stronger than the industry-standard…AND resists abrasion, water absorption and shrinkage…making it the BENCHMARK by which others are measured!

Morgan recognizes the assault heavy-duty haulers may have to endure. That's why they designed in features such as -- structural outside rails for added platform strength. heavy-duty formed steel stake pockets, and steel rub-rails welded over side stake-pockets – to mitigate downtime, and help ensure that your MHP performs time and again!

With Morgan's MHP strength also means flexibility -- with options such as your choice of bumpers, cargo-restraint systems, lift-gates, tool-boxes, LED lighting, and cargo-controls – including cargo-restraint systems, tie-downs, hoists and other features to enhance safety and efficiency in transporting even the most challenging loads.

Bottled Gas


Experience that spans over 60 years is a real asset when it comes to hauling bottled gas. From insightful design and engineering of structural elements to thoughtful inclusion of safety-conscious features, Morgan's Bottled Gas Stake & Platform bodies are designed and built to exceed expectations — a distinct advantage in hazmat and pressurized-gas hauling!

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION of the sub-frame, mid-rail and bulkhead means Morgan's Bottled-Gas bodies will outperform the competition…While INNOVATIVE DESIGN — including your choice of tombstone and tie-down sizes and positions, enhance safety during transport. Standard steel and optional aluminum bodies offering reduced weight and increased longevity are available to meet your unique needs.


Your choice of heavy-duty steel body construction (for greater strength) OR light-weight aluminum construction (for improved fuel efficiency and corrosion resistance) allows bottled-gas haulers to specify materials that satisfy both their product requirements and their personal preferences.


With a variety of bed lengths, Morgan's Bottled Gas make it easy to spec the body that accommodates what you haul — with ease!


When safety is critical, there's no room for compromise. That's why Morgan's Bottled Gas haulers offer a WIDE selection of safety-conscious features to make it easy to have exactly what you need. From mandated reflective tape, placards and tie-down packages…to experience-driven options such as textured-flooring for improved footing, a bulkhead window for greater visibility, and a variety of liftgate configurations for easier access — it's clear that Morgan takes safety as seriously as you do!

Bodies are easily configured to accommodate the type and quantity of bottled-gas pallets you haul.

At Morgan, safe transport includes not only the physical features needed to secure your load, but options to improve visibility and secure YOUR peace-of-mind. From our standard LED lighting packages, to your choice of safety placards, conspicuity tape, and reflective surface enhancements, Morgan bodies are built to help you deliver!

A variety of lift-gates configurations make it easier to load and unload product for improved efficiency…and productivity.



Morgan's ABSF Stake & Platform body is as distinctive as its market! Currently only available to Riverside, California service providers, the ABSF employs environmentally-conscious design elements such as natural Solid Hardwood decking, water-based undercoating, self-quieting stake pockets and light weight components for improved fuel efficiency. Added to Morgan quality construction standards, the ABSF meets the physical demands and environmental preferences of service providers in Riverside and surrounding communities.

From the bulkhead to our sub-frame components— our light duty body resists corrosion for increased longevity…and a clean, attractive appearance year, after year.


Morgan's ABSF is designed to minimize environmental impact and maximize performance. By incorporating heavy-duty steel into key load-bearing components, such as the undercarriage and bulkhead, the ABSF holds up to heavy use.


The 12-foot ABSF bed-length is small, compact and easy to maneuver; while Morgan's 18-foot bed accommodates larger loads, and improves efficiencies by reducing the need for multiple trips and unproductive travel time.


Wood rack construction is unique to the ABSF and satisfies physical and aesthetic preferences…Optional composite racks are light weight and easy to clean. And, an additional option for steel racks, gives service providers the ability to spec stronger, more durable racks to meet their unique needs.

Your choice of smooth or skid-resistant surfaces make it easier to load and unload materials.

VERSATILITY is also built in to our light-duty bodies -- with stake pockets that can be configured to accommodate your choice of rack systems; and your choice of liftgates and bumpers to satisfy your unique needs.

Optional Solid Hardwood is also abrasion, water, and shrink-resistant, to provide haulers with a viable, and equally functional flooring option.


Designed and built to exceed the needs of service-industry providers — landscapers, contractors, maintenance crews and suppliers — there's no doubt that Morgan's ProStake Platform body will be the BEST tool of your trade.

With bodies ranging from 9 to 16-feet, your choice of flatbed or rack configurations, and a wide range of optional and industry-specific features designed to make your job easier and more efficient — Morgan has what you need to do the job!

Conscientious design features, such as the bulkhead punch window and cab extension, support safety; as do bulkhead gussets that are engineered to provide strength, durability and added protection for your cab, your cargo…and your crew.

Morgan’s innovative swing rack design eliminates the need to lift and remove heavy gates in order to load or unload.  Racks swing a full 270-degrees, and can be secured to the siderails for easy and unencumbered loading and unloading.

Heavy-duty Solid Hardwood flooring is standard on all flatbed bodies, and offers natural shock absorption, weather and insect resistance. Standard three-inch I-beam frame construction adds superior strength and durability. And strategically positioned crossmembers (16-inches on center) add to that strength, while keeping weight to a minimum, for better fuel efficiency.

A standard, heavy-duty rub-rail helps to protect the flatbed frame and side rail pockets from minor impacts.

Deep pocket design provides solid seating of rail stakes; making it easy to secure your load during transport, and remove rails for loading and unloading.