Dry Freight

Whether you're in the market for a box truck or delivery truck or van, Morgan's series of dry freight truck bodies are designed and built to satisfy your every need. In lengths ranging from 10 to 28 feet, and with cargo configurations that can accommodate virtually any need, Morgan can custom build the body-type you prefer. Choose from our standard aluminum body or other models that offer seamless exteriors that are best for graphics.
No Body Delivers Like Morgan!



The Standard Truck Body

Morgan's Dry Freight Aluminum “standard” Class 4 to 7 GVW truck bodies include the innovative design, quality construction, and optional features that make them perfect dry goods delivery vehicles — regardless of what you haul! With body lengths ranging from 10 to 28 feet, options to specify height and width parameters, and the ability to select door, bumper and lift-gate configurations to satisfy your unique needs — it's no surprise that Morgan's standard box truck body has set the standard for the industry for over 60 years!

Morgan innovation changed the van body industry when they produced an aluminum body that is aerodynamic in design, and features patented poly-tuff corners, a reinforced front-end, rugged rear frame, clearance light protectors, rain deflector and LED lighting sets -- to make it the toughest body on the road.

Aluminum Sheet And Post Design

By using weather-resistant aluminum sheet and post design, Morgan's Dry Freight Aluminum “box truck”/“straight truck” configuration offers a durable body that weighs less, offers improved fuel efficiency, resists corrosion, and provides an excellent barrier between your payload and the elements.

Various Cargo Control Interiors

Morgan attention-to-detail includes a variety of optional features that make it easy to customize the cargo area to accommodate whatever you carry. From your choice of tie-downs and enhanced lighting and skylight packages, to flexible shelving and rack system configurations — Morgan's Dry Freight Aluminum bodies support improved cargo control, easier, more efficient access, AND a safer work environment.

Every Morgan body is customized to meet your unique needs, so you're ready to meet the unique needs of YOUR customers!

Flooring has two screws per board in a staggered pattern design for added durability; and a dome light bracket that's actually attached to the roof bow for added security, means Morgan delivers an interior workspace that's designed and BUILT to last!

Strength and stability are all that matters when it comes to your sub-frame…Pre-undercoated floorboards, tapered wood sleeper-slats and steel u-bolts, deliver the solid platform you need -- and expect from Morgan.



Great For Graphics

Morganplate's smooth, uninterrupted surfaces are perfect for custom graphics; making THIS Morgan dry freight delivery vehicle a perfect advertising vehicle as well — 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week…everywhere you go!

Morgan's patented poly-tuff corners, rivet-free Morganplate walls, and external skins that fit into the bottom rail, provide a triple barrier against moisture. The same features give Morgan bodies a clean, unmarred appearance that supports lower maintenance, higher trade-in…and belies the fact that they're the toughest bodies on the road.

Rivet Free

Beyond the more obvious benefits of rivet-free construction, Morganplate conveys a clean, professional appearance that says a lot about you…without saying a word.

Environmentally Friendly

With a reputation for innovation, it makes sense that Morgan designed Morganplate for a NEW generation of dry freight haulers…those who expect Morgan strength and durability, but value the fact that Morganplate uses recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact.

Increased Cargo Space

Whether you choose a compact Class 4 GVW box truck measuring just 10 feet in length, or our Class 7 GVW body measuring a full 28 feet, Morganplate's design, construction and height and width options, maximize your cargo area  so you can maximize payload.

The rivetless strength and durability of Morganplate panels makes it possible to eliminate interior posts and maximize cargo space.

Morganplate's aesthetic quality, hides the fact that its structural composite construction -- consisting of two external skins thermally bonded to a high-density polyethylene core -- is extremely strong, durable, energy absorbent and impact resistant.

Features such as a reinforced front end, and innovative staggered, double-screw floor boards provide a clean, unobstructed cargo area, and help to reduce damage to your cargo…and the truck body itself.



Great For Urban Deliveries

Navigating the twists and turns of urban delivery with ease requires a vehicle that's designed and built to handle the challenges. That's where over 60 years of Morgan experience and ingenuity pay off! Whether your deliveries take you down tight city streets and urban back alleys, or have you battling congested expressways, Morgan's LDX box truck will make it easier to get where you want to go; and easier to do your job when get there

R2 corners, rugged rear frame, and clearance light protectors, help the LDX withstand the rigors of urban delivery… Conscientious design features - such as the built-in rain deflector, lend to a better, safer work environment.

Light Duty - 10 To 16 - Foot Body Lengths

Morgan's Light-Duty LDX box truck offers body lengths ranging from 10 to 16 feet. But don't confuse light duty with “lightweight”! The LDX offers MAXIMUM versatility — including a variety of flooring, bumper, lighting, walkramp, liftgate and height options. Morgan's Light-Duty LDX — a small package that leads to big business.

Unique Bolt On Bumpers And Lift Gates

When urban delivery takes its toll, there's no match for the ease and efficiency afforded by Morgan's bolt–on bumper and lift-gate designs. Morgan's LDX makes repair and replacement as fast and easy as it can be. Stock parts are readily available, and replacement can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes to make conventional repairs. Simply put, less downtime and lower repair costs add up to more money in your pocket.

A variety of cargo tie-down options -- from front and side-wall tie-rings, slats, or Morgan's flat-line E-tracks -- make it easy to accommodate and secure loads; regardless of their configuration.

Bumpers that serve their purpose, shouldn't be the reason your vehicle is off the road. Morgan's unique bolt-on bumper design (in 10-inch and 5-inch ICC configurations) and optional bolt-on liftgate, are standard on the LDX…and EASY to repair and replace, so you can stay on the road – where you belong.

The LDX sub-frame's undercoating and unique mounting process set the standard for durability…and protection from the elements.



Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood Construction

Whether you need a compact 10-foot box truck, or up to a full 28-feet of body length, Morgan's three-eighths inch Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP) wall construction is tough, durable, and water-resistant making it the RIGHT choice when you need to protect your payload AND your body from the world outside.

Morgan quality begins with innovative design from aerodynamic engineering and enhanced ergonomics, to improved damage control and prevention every feature lends itself to faster, more efficient cargo delivery.

Resists Scratches And Dents

The smooth, unmarred finish of Morgan FRP belies the fact that polyester resin reinforced with high strength woven fiberglass is one tough material! Combined with the natural shock-absorbing qualities of its plywood core, FRP resists dents, scratches, and the wear and tear that would leave lesser materials scarred. FRP just one more reason Morgan bodies last and look better longer!

Great For Graphic

Free of rivets and seams, FRP offers a distinct advantage when it comes to applying custom graphics to your exterior walls in essence, your own personal, portable billboards! A clean, attractive, professional appearance makes a GREAT first impression! Make it better with Morgan!

FRP eliminates the need for vertical support posts, and makes it easy to customize and MAXIMIZE interior space.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP) panels are built of sturdy 3/8" plywood for improved durability; and surfaced with a polyester resin reinforced with high strength woven fiberglass, for greater resistance to scratches and dents.

The strongest sub-frame in the business 4-inch steel I-beam longrails, 3-inch steel cross-members, and debris deflecting steel wheel pans mean you'll be working with the best body in the business!



Temperature Control Without Refrigeration

Protecting your cargo from temperature extremes may be all you need, so why pay for more?! Morgan's Dry Freight Insulated box truck bodies come in sizes ranging from 10 to 28 feet; with every inch insulated walls, floor and ceiling  to provide superior heat transfer protection. With Morgan's Insulated Bodies, temperature control includes cost control!

Laminated, 1 1/8" thick hardwood, sealed and bordered by a galvanized steel threshold, rear drain trough and polystyrene block foam insulation, protects your cargo from the elements outside…and your truck body from the elements inside.

Block Foam Insulation

The density of Polystyrene Block Foam translates to insulative value that is two to three times greater than that of other types of insulation. That means there's no need to add bulk or weight that competes with cargo space or reduces payload. And because Block Foam is easily molded to provide continuous coverage across frames and joints, there's greater thermal resistance, and less air-infiltration. The result is a more constant temperature throughout the unopened cargo area for greater periods of time. Morgan Insulated Bodies are a cost-effective solution to temperature control problems that don't require refrigeration.

A variety of tie-down options, including Morgan's most popular FLAT E-track, make it easy to load, unload and secure cargo of all sizes and configurations.

An easy-to-clean aluminum exterior riveted to steel uprights for added strength and secured to layers of plywood, polystyrene block foam, and a sealed plywood interior provide better, more-cost effective insulation of unrefrigerated dry goods.

Polystyrene block foam, cut to fit into all wall, floor and ceiling cavities to mitigate heat transfer, is a cost effective way of insulating without interrupting the cargo space.

Air Freight

Air Freight

Specialized For Moving Air Freight

Air Freight delivery is as unique as the cargo you carry. With over half a century of box truck design and construction experience, Morgan knows exactly what it takes to manage air freight, regardless of its size or configuration.

When no longer needed, rollers can be lowered into floor recesses to prevent further cargo movement, and support safe crew movement in the cargo area.

Freight Roller System Built Into Floor

Morgan's freight roller system is built into the floor, and supports easy and efficient movement of even the largest and heaviest loads. Letting the ergonomically-engineered roller system do the work reduce the likelihood of physical strain, and creates a safer work environment.

Tie-down, lighting and interior surface options make it easy to customize your body to accommodate unique cargo configurations, AND improve efficiency and safety in the cargo area.

Conscientious design options  such as red line cargo stops, translucent roof, and easy access to tie-downs, support a safer, more pleasant work environment.

Easy access to the pneumatic roller system control box and mounts, make adjustment and repair easy, and minimizes downtime.


Fast Turnaround

A reputation for designing and building the best box truck bodies in the industry means top OEM's are happy to work with Morgan to deliver the truck you need FAST. Morgan's ability to gain immediate access to top-of-the-line chassis and components, directly benefits dry freight haulers who don't have time for delays. Fast turnaround means faster return on your investment!


3/8" plywood sides, ½" plywood front and durable, staggered pattern wood flooring for unobstructed cargo loading.


3/8" plywood sides and ½" plywood front with partially exposed Solid Hardwood slats to provide varying degrees of sidewall protection; as well as options for sidewall tie-downs.


A Solid Hardwood scuff-guard with 6 rows of durable Solid Hardwood slats for easy tie-down anywhere along the perimeter.


No liner, for instances where tie downs are unnecessary and cargo is unlikely to shift.


½" side and front plywood where a higher degree of sidewall protection is preferred.


And a Solid Hardwood scuff-guard with 7 rows of Solid Hardwood slats to maximize options to secure cargo to the sidewalls.

Six Different Pre-configured Models

Quick turnaround is not devoid of options. Morgan builds a series of exceptional features into each of six pre-configured models. With lengths ranging from 12 to 26 feet, heights from 97 to 103 inches, and widths from 96 to 102 inches, it's easy to choose a body that meets your size specifications. When it comes to features, Morgan provides strength and durability that supersedes the need for variety. With Fastrak, there's no need to ask for 1-1/8" laminated hardwood flooring, aerodynamic design, Poly-Tuff corner caps, a built-in rain channel, anti-snag roof-bows and built-in safety features. They're all standard Fastrak features; and further proof that Morgan knows what it takes to build the best bodies in the business.