Easy access doesn't have to mean compromise when it comes to keeping product clean and secure. Morgan's Curtainsider provides protection from sun, wind, weather -- and prying-eyes; while ensuring easy access to your cargo – regardless of its configuration.

Morgan's standard curtainside body includes a white, 28 ounce PVC-coated polyester curtain with a high-gloss, lacquered finish…But at Morgan, one style does NOT fit all! You can also choose from a variety of colors or custom-graphics, …or even a combination of curtain and solid wall systems. And in every case, you'll enjoy the quality construction and conscientiously-designed components you EXPECT from Morgan.

An open, uninterrupted cargo area makes it easy to maximize payload and accommodate cargo of all configurations. Optional E-tracks can also be specified for the front (and solid sidewall, if chosen) to help secure your load without disrupting the cargo area.

Morgan KNOWS that the ability to carry diverse loads means you NEED a variety of load management options. From rear forklift mounts to a variety of load tie-downs and binders, and a wide range of features (such as underbody tool boxes, and combination body configurations) Morgan delivers – so you can too!

Morgan offers your choice of 1 1/8" laminated hardwood or the option for superior strength and durability, that 1 - 5/16" Solid Hardwood flooring provides.

The Curtainsider's fiberglass reinforced 5/8" plywood front panel includes a 10-gauge steel front frame for added strength, and built-in light protectors to help ensure uninterrupted visibility -- and greater safety on the road.