If a delivery van isn't enough…and a box truck is a little too-much, Morgan's Cut-A-Way Truck Bodies are JUST RIGHT! Built on a van chassis with a maximum length of 16-feet, Cut-A-Way parcel vans are versatile and easily configured to accommodate whatever you carry. For additional convenience, Cut-A-Way bodies offer optional cargo access doors. Small by design and big on performance — Morgan's Cut-A-Way bodies are perfect for the demands, and the opportunities, of urban delivery. It's easy to see…No Body Delivers Like Morgan!

Parcel Van Aluminum


Built on a van chassis with a maximum length of 16-feet, Morgan's standard Cut-A-Way aluminum parcel van is compact yet versatile; and easily configured to accommodate whatever you're carrying. Options include your choice of door placement and step configurations, cargo control options, interior and exterior lighting packages and features designed specifically to enhance ease, efficiency and safety.

Morgan's Parcel Van allows for quick and easy access from the cab, with an option for a recessed bulkhead that provides more room in the cab and easier positioning of the seat. Rear access is made easier with a full-width, slip-resistant step up and conveniently positioned grab handles on both the street and curb sides.


Aluminum Sheet and Post design delivers sidewall strength and light weight that supports greater fuel efficiency. Corrosion-resistant aluminum also provides an excellent moisture barrier; while retaining a rust-free, professional appearance even after years of exposure to the elements.


In spite of its small size, Morgan's Aluminum Cut-A-Way van is BIG on options. A variety of cargo securement systems are available; in addition to optional lighting, translucent roof, flooring, walkramp and liftgate configurations — all of which support ease, efficiency and a safer work environment.

INSIDE – the Cut-A-Way Parcel Van can be customized with a variety of tie-down features – such as E-tracks, Solid Hardwood slats, and tie rings – to secure cargo and maximize payload.

OUTSIDE – there's little need for customization, because the Cut-A-Way Parcel Van delivers exactly what you need – clean, aluminum exterior walls are perfect for custom graphics; heavy-duty sub-frame construction fulfills your need for durability and reliability…And features, such as the built-in rain channel and light protectors -- enhance safety and minimize down time!

Parcel Van FRP


Morgan's Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood Cut-A-Way bodies are tough enough to handle the same heavy use as full-size models, but offer the advantage of a compact delivery vehicle that makes delivery in tight, urban environments — easier.

Morgan's Parcel Van cab configuration helps to reduce driver exposure to the elements (and traffic) by providing quick and easy access to the cargo area from the cab.


The rigors of heavy use can show up as scratches and dents that compromise the appearance of most bodies — EXCEPT Morgan's FRP. Not only does FRP stand up to minor impacts without showing signs of wear and tear, but the smooth, unmarred finish maintains a professional appearance — even after years of use.


The same material that makes FRP extra-strong also creates a smooth, seamless surface that's perfect for custom graphics.


Not only do Morgan FRP bodies make it easy to secure almost any cargo configuration, but a range of options — including lighting and translucent roof packages, flooring, scuff plate and bulkhead selections, and even side door size and placement specifications — are available to make access to your cargo easier, safer and more efficient.

A variety of cargo configurations and E-track, Solid Hardwood-slat and tie-ring securement options are available to make it easy to secure cargo at almost any point…and maximize payload.

At Morgan, out-of-sight is NOT out-of-mind. Rest assured that roll formed z cross members on 16" centers and 8" roll formed channel longrails -- mean your cargo and crew will be riding on the strongest, and best sub-frame in the business. Add enhanced ergonomics -- such as our cargo door rain-channel, slip-resistant step-ups and strategically placed grab handles, and the best...becomes even BETTER!

Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP) panels are built of sturdy 3/8" plywood for improved durability; and surfaced with a polyester resin reinforced with high strength woven fiberglass, for greater resistance to scratches and dents.

Parcel Van Mini-Mover


Morgan Mini-Mover Cut-A-Way Parcel Van Body is Morgan's most compact delivery vehicle…and PROOF that good things DO come in small packages! Designed specifically to address the challenges of urban delivery, the Mini-Mover uses innovative design and quality construction to offer every advantage to haulers that don't have the luxury of extra time or space.

Morgan KNOWS that heavy use DEMANDS durability AND dependability! That's why they designed AND built the Mini-Mover to last. From the unique front end radius corner design for added strength, to the easy-access rear step-bumper — the Mini-Mover keeps your business moving!


Fiberglass reinforced plywood (FRP) front and sidewall construction naturally absorbs vibration and minor impacts for greater cargo protection.


The clean, white gel-coated FRP finish is seamless; making it easy to clean and perfect for custom graphics.


The smooth, hard finish resists scratches and dents that would mar lesser materials; meaning your Mini-Mover will maintain its good looks, and professional appearance — LONGER!


From a variety of interior lighting packages and tie-down options to cab access door configurations, and efficiency-enhancing features, Morgan's compact Mini-Mover races ahead of the competition to help you secure BIG business.

Standard seamless, fiberglass-reinforced plywood interior sidewalls and marine-grade exterior plywood flooring provide a clean, open environment and maximum cargo space. Add to that, a variety of options for enhanced Solid Hardwood flooring, wall-slats… various front-wall, access door and bulkhead configurations, and even an option for a Tommy-gate hydraulic lift – and it's easy to see that Morgan can deliver whatever you need to get the job done with ease…and EFFICIENCY!

Frequent movement in and out of the cargo area is made easier and safer by Morgan's wheel box design and lowered-floor configuration. A lowered-floor means a lower step-up and less stress on delivery personnel. And the slip-resistant surface and strategically positioned grab handles also lend to greater safety.

Support that helps you do your job efficiently makes Morgan a GREAT choice…Support that helps you do it safely, makes Morgan the ONLY choice. Features such as the Mini-Mover's rear rail drip channel that's designed to move water away from the work area, and options for a translucent roof for improved interior visibility, and enhanced lighting packages for greater exterior visibility – all help to create a better, safer work environment.